DanceStar new website is launched!

  • Author: DanceStar
  • Date posted: 13.11.2017
  • Date Updated: 13.11.2017
DanceStar new website is launched!

The DanceStar season 2017/18 has recently started with the World Qualifiers in South Africa, Cape Town and Johannesburg, from where we have the first qualified dancers for the DanceStar World Finals in Poreč in May 2018!

Part of the work for the preparation of the new season has been to rethink and redesign our website. After weeks of hard work, hours of brainstorming and staying late at the office here is the new website! :) Of course, when we started we had big ideas and it took a few weeks, but we finally realized all of them. Our goal was to make the website user friendly, intuitive and filled with useful information and news. You will be able to easily find all the details related to the Qualifiers and the various towns where we will be present. We also added a few features like this blog where we will be posting once a week, exploring various topics, all related to the DanceStar World. We will be presenting our Judges, discover new trends and we will illustrate the DanceStar disciplines as well as sharing a few behind the scenes moments related to the organization of each event.

Hope you will enjoy it as much as we enjoyed creating it!

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