DanceStar Video Project 2018

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  • Date posted: 06.07.2018
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At the DanceStar World Finals, we host only crème-de-la-crème: from the best dancers to the judges and dance teachers! For the past two years, we are also giving the most talented dancers a unique opportunity to work with the top-notch choreographers at the DanceStar Video Project! With Željko Božić and Matic Zadravec creating amazing videos in the previous years, we decided for this season to invite the choreographer who is responsible for the Justin Timberlake’s smooth moves. Yes, we are talking of one and only Marty Kudelka (US)!

Dancers who got the opportunity to participate in this cool project had to face Marty in person and show him what they got at the live audition. The competition was big: 7,000 dancers from all parts of the globe, from different backgrounds and dance styles! Selected few had only two days to prepare for the shoot! The nerves were raging, there were weak knees and butterflies in the stomach but there is no stop for the real DanceStars!


Marty Kudelka was not just a choreographer of the project. He also took the director's seat. He had an exciting idea: to film the first portion of the video in one continuous take! No room left for mistakes, or in Marty's own words: “Welcome to Hollywood! Make it work!” This was a piece of cake for the filmmakers Nikola and David Janušić, who caught every moment on film and brought Marty’s vision to life.  

Marty also selected the music for the video: a Hip-Hop song titled “What You Like”, which served as an inspiration for the whole video: dance what you like, how you like it, to the music you like. He masterfully merged urban and classical dance in one fun story told one (dance) step at the time.

Marty talking about his inspiration


Even some of the members of the DanceStar World Finals jury joined in and took their spot in front of the camera. Roy Duan (DE), Matic Zadravec (SI), Enej and Žiga Juretič (SI) (from the EZ Twins), Dylan Mayoral (UK) and Željko Božić (SI) strode their stuff around beautiful Zelena Laguna resort, taking every one along to the Žatika event hall in Poreč for the final dancing face-off!

One more member of the judge's panel left his mark on the final product: Choreographer Zoltan Katona (HU) took classical dancers under his wing and worked with them on the part of the routine.

Enough talk! Check out what a bunch of talented people with the love of dance can do in just two days! The final video is the proof that DanceStar dancers are truly connected by the same heart-beat!

Video Project 2018

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