EZtwins (Žiga Jurečič) (SI)

EZtwins, like Les Twins, are twin brothers. Ziga and Enej Jurecic come from Slovenia. They started as participants of the Fair Play Dance Camp, but by noticing their talent and charisma we decided to add them to our DanceStar family. Their artistry of dance and skills make them valuable part of DanceStar Judges pool. Their natural charm conquers the audience worldwide.

In the past years they have also collaborated with many recognized choreographers as dancers with Nick Bass (Chopshop) and Di Moon Zhang (Dream Chaser) and as dancers under the direction of Anzeta Skrubeta, in 2010 and 2011, they performed at many European stages like NRJ Awards, COMMET Awards, Balkan Awards, Star floor - Paris, etc. They choreographed the video for Erika - I will be with you and participate in the project Breaking the Stereotypes with Rok Trkaj. In the meantime, they regularly teach at numerous international workshops.

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