World Dance Masters

Once in a lifetime experience!

World dance masters is a spectacular event with over 7000 dancers from all over the world. During one week you have endless possibilities of dance seminars held by world leading pedagogs, dance competitions, freestyle battles, gala shows and dance parties. All offered activities are held within one huge area where all the hotels, event halls and stages are located. Everything is in walking distance, no transfers needed and most important of all it’s a totally safe and secure area. To ensure once in a lifetime experience all of this takes place in a picturesque resort directly on the beautiful Adriatic coast.

Please note that for attending DanceStar World Dance Masters, gold and sliver packages are obligatory. Please visit link below to obtain your package.  

Welcome to Poreč!

Poreč is a town located in the heart of the western coast of the Istrian peninsula, in Istria County.

The city is almost 2,000 years old; the remains of ancient temples and forums are spread throughout the old city centre.
Today the city is a vibrant and modern place balancing perfectly between history and present.

Poreč is a popular tourist destination famous for its beautiful natural landscape, a long tradition in tourism and several well-equipped tourist resorts. The Mediterranean climate with mild winters and warm summers makes the city enjoyable to visitors all year round.

Porec is a perfect base to explore the peninsula, 'cause it has a good balance of nightlife, family activities, sports offer, beaches, and hotels.

A perfect place for gathering our Dancestar community!

Be part of it!

DanceStar World Dance Masters


Venue name: 


Intersport Hall, Zelena Laguna - A & B League competition, Award Ceremony, OpenStyle Battle Qualifier

Žatika Hall - Gala Night

Lotosi beach, Zelena Laguna - Opening Ceremony, Beach Party, OpenStyle Battle Finals

Daily ticket - 40€
VIP ticket - 55€
Gala Night ticket - 40€
VIP Gala Night ticket - 85€ 
Children until 4 years old have free entrance

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