In accordance with development of Covid-19 situation , Dancestar has been working continuously very hard and dedicated to find the way to continue the DS season prudently and safely at the earliest opportunity.

Our goal continues to be to find ways to support our global dance community during these uncertain times and provide the best possible outcomes for our dancers.

Therefore, we are pleased to announce that the 0 hour Qualifier and World Finals 2020 will be held from 21-27 September in Poreč, Croatia, initially postponed from 18.-24. May.

We have also published a new date for Qualifier in Hungary that will take place on 11-12.July 2020. The initial decision to postpone DS season was the correct one and we’d like to thank everyone involved for their hard work and activity in finalising the details for the new dates.

Dancestar is now moving forward to rescheduling remaining Live Qualifiers that will be announced at the earliest possible.

We thank you all for your support, patience and understanding.


This is the way to qualify for the DanceStar world finals and be part of the biggest dance event in the world.

World Tour

Qualify by performing live on stage in front of our Judging panel at a number of locations worldwide.

World Tour

Online Qualifier

No qualification near you? Or just wanna go the modern route? Qualify online! Submit a video of your routine and qualify for the Finals.

Online Qualifier

„Zero Hour"

The last-minute possibility for dancers to qualify for DanceStar World Finals. Even though 0 Hour Qualifier is not executed as a regular Live Qualifier where placements and awards are given, dancers perform live on stage in front of judges’ panel and, depending on the marks given, achieve qualification to the World Finals.

Zero hour
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