Elvis Hodžić (HR)

Elvis "El Rock" Hodžić - he discovers his interest in dance in 1996 and starts to train in the dance group Megablast, where he gets in touch with b-boying. In 1999 he continues his dance education in the FreeStyle Kings dance group, which he is still a member of, led by Goran Kolarek and Vladimir Smud. He has performed in numerous dance performances by domestic and foreign productions, such as Madam Butterfly, Cyclops, Skill, Streetlife MAD, Under the eyelids etc. He is constantly working on his dance knowledge and is attending workshops of influential national and international representatives of b-boying, contemporary dance, and theater, such as Niel Robitzky - Storm, Jussi Focus Sirvio, Alian Ness - MZK, Benny Kimoto – Flying Steps, Laura Aris Alvarez etc. He has performed and is still active in many national and international dance competitions, as a competitor, judge or educator, such as Battle of the year (competitor), Tribute to Flor Killah (competitor, judge), XStatic Jam (competitor, judge and educator), Pepsi Circle Industry (judge), Break The Floor (competitor). In 2004 he performed as a part of the representational team at the international urban dance biennale „Biennale De La Danse“ in Lyon. In 2013. he becomes a member of the expert jury at the Dance group meetings Treps. He participates in a number of public appearances and events such as humanitarian actions „Let them hear“, „I want life“ – Ana Rukavina, B-boyism and appears in dance videos of Croatian artists such as Play One, Nina Badrić, Ilan Kabiljo, Colonia, Tram 11, ET etc.

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