DanceStar Romania Qualifier

Bucharest, Romania

DanceStar Romania Qualifiers are part of the DanceStar World Qualifiers Series where dancers can qualify for DanceStar World Dance Masters. Any DanceStar Qualifier is open to all amateur and professional dancers. Any dance school, academy, crew or individual has the right to participate at a DanceStar Qualifier.

Welcome to Bucharest!

DanceStar is pleased to announce this year’s Romania Qualifier in Bucharest. We invite you to come and experience DanceStar Romania Qualifier in the beautiful metropolis of Bucharest full of historic places and buildings, the city that was once known as “Little Paris”. 

Bucharest, the capital of Romania, is the largest city and the main political, economic, educational, scientific and cultural center of the country. It is located in the southeast of the country, and in the immediate vicinity there are two airports, Otopeni International Airport and the smaller Băneasa Airport. This city is a mix of old and new, traditional and modern. In 2020, Bucharest ranked second among Europe's 'coolest' cities, according to a top published by the online magazine. 

We look forward to a great competition in Bucharest where talented dancers will perform in a fantastic atmosphere!

Romania Qualifier

Please note that the competition has limited number of entries. If the limit is reached before competition deadline, it will be closed automatically.

Event and Location information

Bucharest, Romania, once dubbed the "Paris of the East," boasts a rich history reflected in its French-style Art Nouveau and Art Deco architecture. Despite facing challenges in the 20th century, including World War II, Communist rule, and a major earthquake, the city has evolved into a vibrant metropolis. Known for its lively nightlife, especially in the Old City, and a thriving café culture offering Chemex pour-over coffees, Bucharest remains dynamic, energetic, and enjoyable. Amidst this atmosphere, DanceStar LLC is excited to host a dance competition at the prestigious Palatul Național al Copiilor din București, adding a touch of elegance to this lively cityscape.


Palatul Național al Copiilor din București

Bulevardul Tineretului 8-10, București 040353, Romania

To be announced!

Stage size:

12m x 10m

(wide x deep)


Stage entrance:

Dancers go on stage from the right side of the stage, exit to the left.
Sides of the stage are determined by spectators view from the audience.

How to get there?

We are delighted to invite you to Bucharest.
If you have any difficulty please feel free to contact us.

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