Breaking Down Borders Initiative

In 2017 we started our first outreach program, called Breaking Down Borders, aimed at the dancers from Africa, the cradle of dance. The continent where dance is an important part of everyday life, sadly gives very few possibilities to dancers to develop their passion into the career.

With our initiative we are breaking down boarders in perception of dance in the African communities and making it one of the escape roots out of poverty.

In co-operation with the DanceStar Ambassador for Africa and South Africa, Paul Modjadji,we started this life-changing project.

On behalf of DanceStar he went to visit 10 African countries, Botswana, Kenya, Lesotho, Namibia, Nigeria, Senegal, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe, in quest for talented dancers.

He went to each counties’ capital, one remote town and the heritage site, auditioning in collaboration with young African civic leaders and artists. Finally, at the end of the DanceStar Breaking Down Boarders Tour, five dancers were selected to receive an all-expenses paid trip to the DanceStar World Finals, taking place in Poreč, Croatia, in May 2018.


DanceStar's mission is to empower young people through dance. We see a great potential for development in arts-education, which is not present among African youth. Kids dance in their free time, but not many of them consider dancing as an option for their career. Participating at the DanceStar World Finals will give the talents an opportunity to network with dancers, teachers and choreographers from all over the world and to share their gained knowledge back home in their communities. This will make a long-lasting impact to new generations living in Africa.


In 2018 DanceStar Breaking Down Borders Tour will continue in following countries: Democratic Republic of Congo, Ghana, Morocco, Mali and Egypt in search for new dance ambassadors.

At DanceStar we all speak the same universal language of dance and our community is proud supporter of the initiative by donating part of each participation fee to fund the future African DanceStars. Thank you, dancers, for helping us making the world a better place!

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