DanceStar Supporting Dancers

DanceStar, the world largest dance platform, launched numerous successful dance stories over the years. By helping dancers presenting their talent to the international judges' pool, we open doors to new, exciting projects.

As an International platform we noticed the lack of presence of dancers from so-called third-world-countries. We decided to change this discrepancy. We believe that dance is a global language, that should be shared without borders or financial limitations. This is how our “DanceStar Supporting Dancers” initiative was born. Connecting dancers from all parts of the world, we donate part of the participation fees to sponsor talented dancers who otherwise couldn’t afford to join the competition. By this, we are opening doors for dancers to present their talent on the international stage and to connect with peers from all over the world. With this initiative we are changing whole communities by presenting dance as a real career opportunity and a way out of poverty.

We would like to thank all the dancers, who by their participation at DanceStar competitions, help their dance colleagues facing poverty to step out and reach their dreams.

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