Regina Kaupuza



* 1997-1999 – Latvian Academy of Music, Department of Choreography, MA in the ballet arts

* 1981-1983 – Moscow Academic School of Choreography, degree in classical dance, character dancing and historical dancing

* 1963-1972 – Rīga School of Choreography, diploma as ballet artist



Since 2002 - Instructor in classical dance methodology, Department of Choreography, Latvian Academy of Music

Since 2000 Concert manager, Rīga School of Choreography

Since 1991 Ballet instructor, Latvian National Opera

Since 1987 Instructor in classical dance, Rīga High School of Choreography

1983-1991 Instruction in classical dance, Latvian National Opera

1971-1991 Ballet performer, Latvian National Opera


Creative work


2016 F. Loves concert version of „My Fair Lady” L. Minkus,

2016 Grand pas from ballet “ Paquita”, after M. Petipa

2013 G. Gershvin, J. Straus One-act ballet „Clase - concert” for RCS

2011 B. Skulte, ballet One-act ballet for children "Kokle Player and Devil" inspired by and based on the Latvian folk tale;

2006 G. Gershvin opera „Porgijs un Besa”and A. Piazzolla opera „Maria de Buenos Aires” studio „Figaro”

2005 Choreographer, the Uģis Prauliņš rock ballet for children “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

2001 Choreographer, the G.M. Pedersen poetic ballet “Butterflies”

1991-2017 Choreographic miniatures for students of the Riga Choreography school


Participation in professional organisations


* Since 2002 – artistic director, Ballet and Dance Support Fund;

* Since 1995 – Board member, LPBA

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