Represent yourself with your best executed performance!

We proudly present our DanceStar OnlineWorld Qualifier where dancers from all around World are able to join.*

*Except countries which have DanceStar Live Qualifier

In just 3 easy steps apply and join us in this new and exciting DanceStar Online World Competition
Starting fees at best prices, available to everyone
No risk
Join our DanceStar community in a safe environment
Who can participate?

All dancers individuals, dance schools or crews, professional and amateur.

How to participate?


Step 1
Register or login and add routines & dancers


Step 2
Record and upload your routine (make sure the video quality is at least 720p and that the camera is centre focused with all the dancers being clearly visible). Each video has to be uploaded separately. If you have problems with uploading videos please contact our IT Office at


Step 3
Check the results (if qualified, confirm each routine attending the finals)


Step 4
Book your accommodation for World Dance Masters at

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How it works?

Our DanceStar judging panel will judge each dance like at DanceStar Live Qualifiers, while instead of a live performance they will watch a video performance.

All participants will get:

  • Qualified or not Qualified results
  • Certificate of Attendance
  • Certificate of Qualification
  • Results - A, B or DNQ (did not qualify)

If not qualified it is allowed to qualify again if it is within the deadline for the Qualifier and there is still capacity for entries.

*Please note that our capacity for World Dance Masters is limited.

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