Dancestar Online World Finals DAY 1 starts on Friday, 14:00 CET

Dancestar Online World Finals DAY 2 starts on Saturday 14:00 CET

Dancestar Online World Finals DAY 3 starts on Sunday, 12:00 CET

All qualified routines for Online World Finals 2020 will be presented in the Starting List as Video Playlist.The same as for Online World Qualifiers, you will be able to experience the Online World Finals by live-streaming all the qualified routines on our Online platform. 
For each routine judge's comments will be available, new improved videos of your routine can be submitted between 23rd and 28th November 2020.

Results for Online World Finals 2020 will be presented right after the online competition, on our website and Social Media channels.

Special awards given at DanceStar Online World Finals are:
▪ Certificate of Attendance
▪ Certificate of Placement
▪ Best Male Talent Award Overall wins € 400
▪ Best Female Talent Award Overall wins € 400
▪ Best Choreography Award A-league wins € 600
▪ Best Choreography Award B-league wins € 400


06.12.2020., 18:30 CET

Out of all Gala Night 2020 nominees (chosen at already held Live Qualifiers) and new nominees from Online qualified videos TOP 20 choreographies will be selected by our Judges panel and officially presented! You can stream the whole event right after the Online World Finals.
There will be one Online World Finals 2020 overall winner!

Special awards given at DanceStar Online Top 20 are:

Special Judges Award for Best Showcase – wins Silver package for DanceStar season 2021

Public Choice Award (routine with most public votes) - wins Free Registration for DanceStar season 2021

DanceStar Online World Finals Overall Winner – wins  € 1500
More about DanceStar Online World Competitions and the way to the DanceStar Online World Finals:

We proudly present our DanceStar Online World Competitions where dancers from all around the world are able to join.
In just 3 easy steps apply and join us in this new and exciting DanceStar Online Competition
No additional costs
No additional costs for travel and accommodation
Starting fees at best prices, available to everyone
No risk
Join our DanceStar community in a safe environment
Represent yourself with your best executed performance!



Dancestar Online World Qualifier DAY 1 starts on Friday, 14:00 CET


Dancestar Online World Qualifier DAY 2 starts on Saturday 14:00 CET


22.11. 2020.
Dancestar Online World Qualifier DAY 3 starts on Sunday, 14:00 CET

Who can participate?

All dancers individuals, dance schools or crews, professional and amateur.

How does it work?

All remaining competitions will be moved from DanceStar Live to DanceStar Online Competitions.

Dance schools or dancers are able to participate by applying at our DanceStar Registration Portal the same way as you would apply for a Live Competition. The only difference is while applying you attach a video of the registered routine instead of uploading the music.

Each video will be presented and played on the competition playlist which will be visible to everyone on our Dancestar website. Our DanceStar judging panel will judge each dance like at DanceStar Live Qualifiers, while instead of a live performance they will watch a video performance. Points and comments will be given as usual, in each discipline and category. By the amount of points achieved the routine will be qualified for DanceStar Online World Finals 2020 in A league, B league or non-qualified.

You will be able to experience the online competition by live-streaming the Dancestar Online World Qualifiers on our Online platform. The results will be visible on our website under Online Qualifier Results, right after the competition.

Routines who have already qualified at a DanceStar Live Competition for A or B League will be moved into the Online World Finals 2020 Competition. Qualified routines need to confirm their performances for the DanceStar Online World Finals 2020. If you would like to make a new video, after receiving judging comments from the Qualifier and improve your routine, you can replace the old video with the new improved one. The Registration Portal for applying to DanceStar Online Qualifier will be open from 1st July until 31th October 2020. All the participants of DanceStar Online World Qualifiers will be awarded with a „Certificate of Attendance“.

How to participate?


Step 1
Register or login and add routines & dancers


Step 2
Record and upload your routine (make sure the video quality is at least 720p and that the camera is centre focused with all the dancers being clearly visible). Each video has to be uploaded separately.


Step 3
Check the results (If qualified, confirm each routine attending the finals)
Experience the whole competition by live-streaming all 3 events (Online World Qualifier – Online World Finals – Online Top 20)
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