World Finals 2018

World's Finest Dancers at DanceStar World Finals 2018

More than 7,000 dancers from all parts of the world competed this year at the DanceStar

World Finals, held in Poreč, Croatia. Dancers from 25 countries presented their

skills in numerous dance styles: from ballet to urban. Dance spectacle was accompanied by

beach parties and workshops, held by the biggest names in the industry. At more than 20

workshops participants had an opportunity to learn from Marty Kudelka, Justin

Timberlake's exclusive choreographer, Dylan Mayoral (UK), Roy Duan (GER), Almira

Osmanović (CRO), June Guaricci & Hans Joachim Tappendorff (GER), Zoltan Katona (HU),

Murray Grant (UK), Axel Olzinger (AUT), Željko Božić (SI) and Matic Zadravec (SI).

Gala Night

One of the biggest events of the competition was Gala Night, where 21 selected

choreographies competed for the prestigious title of the Gala Night Winner and money prizes.

The winner was Ms. Tatijana Ignjatov from dance club Unity SA (South Africa) (Contemporary

Modern), who amazed the audience with her simplistic yet mesmerizing performance and won 6,000 . The second place and money prize of 3,000  was won by the first-ever Asian group at the DanceStar, Rock*Well (Urban Dance Styles). Amazing story-telling of South African group Eunice Marais School of Dance earned them third place in the category Production Number and they took home cash prize of 1,000 .

Video Project

A special treat for dancers selected at the audition, was filming of DanceStar Video Project,

choreographed and directed by Marty Kudelka. The project gave the dancers an opportunity

to work with the choreographer of the world renown artists on a video that will further promote DanceStar and the dancers who participated. Marty's idea behind the video was to merge different styles of dance in a hip-hop/Rnb video. Dancers had loads of fun filming the video! Don’t believe us? Take a look at some of the behind the scenes moments. The final video will be published soon so stay tuned!

Award Ceremony

Five-day competition concluded with an award ceremony, where the best routines of the competition were pronounced on stage.

DanceStar World Finals is so much more than just a dance competition: is an opportunity for dancers from all over the world to meet, learn from each other and make new friends. Take a look at what an amazing time we had and prepare for the next season!

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