Enjoy the spectacular show

DanceStar Gala Night features 20 selected choreographies that were  performed during the DanceStar Qualifiers. A special VIP jury pool will decide which choreographies win 1st, 2nd, 3rd place. The DanceStar Gala Night has a prize pool of 10.000€ and the best of them all gets the title DanceStar Gala Night Winner.
Conquer the stage, mesmerize the audience, promote yourself and become DanceStar Gala Night Winner.

The DanceStar Gala night will be held on Friday, 25 of may 2018 at the Žatika Event Hall, Poreč, starting at  starting at 9pm. Enjoy the 20 top choreographies selected from the whole DanceStar World Tour 2017/18. We guarantee an unforgettable evening, where dancers from all over the world compete for prestige and money prizes up to 6.000€. 

Please note: We advise the audience to be at the hall 30 min earlier than the start of the DanceStar Gala Night so that everyone can be seated in time. 

The DanceStar Gala Night VIP judges panel will be presented shortly.
DS Gala Night DS Gala Night VIP
25€ 50€
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