DanceStar South Africa Qualifier

DanceStar South Africa Qualifier are part of the DanceStar World Qualifiers Series where dancers can qualify for DanceStar World Finals. Any DanceStar Qualifier is open to all amateur and professional dancers. Any dance school, academy, crew or individual has the right to participate at a DanceStar Qualifier.

Welcome to Johannesburg!

DanceStar is pleased to announce this year’s South Africa Qualifier inn Johannesburg. We invite you to come and experience DanceStar South Africa Qualifier in the beautiful town of Johannesburg, a dynamic cosmopolitan city where everyone is on the move.

A little over 100 years old, Johannesburg or Joburg (as it is known by locals) still retains its gold rush roots, attracting people from across Africa and the world to its streets.

Congratulations to all qualified routines which will for the South Africa National Team and represent their country at World Finals 2020.

Event and Location information

Johannesburg is a city in the northeastern part of South Africa. There are over 3 million people throughout the city, which is broken into a total of five districts: Central Johannesburg, Soweto, Sandton, Randburg, and Roodeport. Johannesburg is also considered one of the greenest cities in the world because of the man made urban forest that has been created in the savannah, containing somewhere around 6 million trees. There are a number of other attractions, including safaris, museums, galleries and much more that makes Johannesburg such an interesting city to visit.

Johannesburg Qualifier

Venue name: Lewende Woord, Centurion

To be announced!
To be announced!
To be announced!

How to get there?

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We are delighted to invite you to Johannesburg.
If you have any difficulty please feel free to contact us.

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