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  • DanceStar Online Competitions were created to give all dancers around the world the opportunity to partake in a global competition from the comfort of their dance studio and to qualify to the DanceStar World Tour Finals – World Dance Masters.
  • Created for all the dancers who do not have a qualifying Dancestar Live Tournament in their country.


  • DanceStar Online Competitions are open to all amateur and professional dancers
  • Any school, club, union or individual, which does not have a qualifying DanceStar Live Tournament in their country.
  • ESDU membership is not obligatory, as DanceStar Online Competitions are open to members and non-members alike;
  • We reserve the right to check the participants’ age and ensure the number of registered dancers correlates with the number of dancers on film during the choreography. If it is established that there were more dancers on film than registered, the dance will be disqualified.


  • Each participant has to pay a one-time registration fee of 12,00 €. By paying the registration fee, the dancer has the right to participate at any of the DanceStar Qualifying Live Tournaments, Online Tournaments and if qualified, at the DanceStar World Dance Masters.
  • Before application to any of the DanceStar Qualifying Tournaments (live and online) it is obligatory to register first at the Registration Portal.
  • There is no limit in the number of dances/choreographies one can enter in the competition.


  • The DanceStar World Tour Qualifying Competitions consist of all live Qualifying competitions as well as the Online Competition.
  • All DanceStar World Tour Qualifying Competitions are open to all amateurs and professionals that wish to participate;
  • Registration for the tournament is done ONLINE at the Registration portal;
  • DanceStar Qualifying Tournaments are the only way to qualify and be eligible to participate at the DanceStar World Tour Finals – World Dance Masters, A and B League;
  • Each tournament has a deadline and a limited number of participants and entries. The registration for the tournament is closed when the deadline or the participant/entries limit is reached;
  • Participants may compete several times in several choreographies.


A (Top Class) AND B (Standard) LEAGUE

  • Depending on the achieved score at the DanceStar Qualifying Tournaments, choreographies are eligible for either A or B League Finals;
  • The obligatory Starting Permission has to be presented at the Check-In at the DanceStar Finals – World dance Masters;
  • A choreography that qualified at the qualifiers can differ from that performed at the DanceStar Finals:
    • Changes are possible in the following segments:
      • Choreography can be changed (up to 20% ) in order to improve the performance in accordance with the judges’ comments from the qualifiers, but the choreography has to be recognizable as the one that has qualified;
      • Dancers – dancers can be replaced/substituted, removed or added, but the dance cannot change the age or group category, unless requested in written form with a valid reason, and the dance can be placed into a LOWER category with the approval of the ESDU board;
      • If a dancer is competing in an age category by him or herself, he or she can request to be placed into a HIGHER age category;
    • Age or group category changes of a qualified dance have to be reported by filling out a form at the Registration portal.
  • Participants from countries where the DanceStar Qualifying Tournaments are not held have the possibility to qualify at the Online Competition or live at the DanceStar All other Countries.


  • When registering at the portal, the portal will automatically calculate the price of the registration fees and provide instructions for payment;
  • Registration fees are charged per dancer, once per season.


  • The age categories are:
  1. MINI: 4 – 8 years;
  2. CHILDREN: 9 – 11 years;
  3. JUNIORS: 12 – 15 years;
  4. SENIORS: 16 years and older.
  • The cut-off date for age groups is the last day of the DanceStar Finals – World Dance Masters.
  • MINI, CHILDREN, JUNIOR, and SENIOR groups are determined by the age of the eldest dancer in the group.
  • All age categories can perform together.

Age category for the DanceStar World Tour 2017

  • Dancer belongs to MINI category if he/she is born between 29/05/2008 and 28/05/2013 (including these dates). Ages 4 to 8, 99.
    Dancer belongs to CHILDREN category if he/she is born between 29/05/2005 and 28/05/2008 (including these dates). Ages 9 to 11, 99.
    Dancer belongs to JUNIOR category if he/she is born between 29/05/2001 and 28/05/2005 (including these dates). Ages 12 to 15.99.
    Dancer belongs to SENIOR category if he/she is born before 28/05/2001 (including this date). Ages 16 and above.
  • We reserve the right to ask for Proof of Age on the day of competition by checking the participants’ passports.


Solo: 1 dancer

Duo/Trio/Quartet: 2/3/4 dancers

Group: 5-12 dancers

Formation: 13 + dancers

Production number group: 9 + dancers



A detailed explanation of each discipline and a video presentation of each discipline is available here.



  • Ballet
  • National/Folkloric Dance
  • Contemporary Modern
  • Lyrical
  • Jazz
  • Musical Theater
  • Tap Dance

  • Open
  • Acrobatic Dance
  • Production Number



  • Urban dance styles
  • B-Boying
  • MTV


  • ATTENTION! Choreographies registered in incorrect disciplines will result in 20 points deduction. Please make sure to sign in the correct discipline. Example of each discipline can be found here:
  • If a Choreoghraphy competes in an incorrect discipline (as declared by the judges) it can still qualify to the World Dance Masters given it has reached the needed amount of points (after point deduction). However, at the finals the Dance will be automatically registered into the correct discipline.


Solo: 1.00 – 2.00 min

Duo/Trio/Quartet: 1.00 – 2.00 min

Group: 2.00 – 3.00 min

Formation: 2.00 – 3.30 min

Production Number: 3.00 min – 4.30 min

  • Timing starts with the distinct start and ends with the distinct end of the performance;
  • Time limits have a window of 5 seconds. All failure to stay within these time limits will result in a 20 point deduction.


(a) Technique: 40%

(b) Choreography: 30%

(c) Level of performance: 15%

(d) Overall impression: 15%

  • The Jury consists of three (3) judges for each dance. The choreographies will be judged by judges of the according discipline handpicked by the official DanceStar judges Board.
  • Evaluation is undisclosed and final.


  • By registering for a tournament you agree to the rules and guidelines of the ESDU.
  • Original choreography is allowed in all disciplines.
  • Acrobatics are defined as typically gymnastic and not dancing elements (salt, flick-flack). Jumps and lifts are not included in this definition and are exceptions to this rule
  • Acrobatics and gymnastics should only be used if they are properly integrated and do not dominate the dance style.
  • All costumes, music, and performance styles should be done in good taste and in the spirit of good sportsmanship.
  • Props are allowed.
  • Personal lighting effects including any fire effects are strictly forbidden.
  • Creativity, originality, movement, effect, space usage and abilities of the performers are important.
  • Choreography should be appropriate for the ability and age of the performers.
  • Individual points will only be given out in the solo categories. All other results are based on the accomplishment of the entire group as a whole.
  • Duo and trios should be choreographed in a way which highlights the relationship between one to another.
  • Live singing is only allowed in the “Production number”.
  • The video has to be of a good quality (480p minimum);
  • The choreography has to be clearly visible under neutral light. (only white light, no show lights, effects, fog, stroboscope, etc...)
  • The video has to be shot from a total perspective. (showing the wholegroup/formation not one single dancer)
  • On each video there must not be more than one dance/choreography.

One video = one dance


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