Mae Piga (FR)

Born in St.Etienne, France on April 17th 1986. Languages: French, English, Chinese.
Mae Piga was born and raised in St.Etienne (France) and began dancing at the age of 3. By the age of 14 she was already winning national and international dance competitions, and her overseas career started taking off. 3-Times European Champion and 7-Times World Champion in multiple dance categories by the age of 24, Mae decided to leave competitions in 2011 to become a freelance dance professional working with top clients across the globe. Leading roles in commercial performances for Adidas, Pandora, Huawei, Mercedes Benz, Bentley as well as choreographer roles for numerous highend productions have cemented her legacy as a global dance icon and ambassador.
Accomplishments & Experience
Education & training :
•Broadway Dance Center
•EDGE Performing Art Center
•St. Etienne Conservatory of Ballet and       Contemporary 
•Eric Gibson (Royal Ballet of London)
•Workshops USA (Tremaine Dance Convention, WCDE, LADF, NYCDA,    Co.Dance…) 
Jazz, contemporary, modern, lyrical, musical comedy, ballet, hip-hop, tap, latin dances, ballroom dances.
World Champion
•2010: Dance Show - Cervia (Italy)             
•2008: Dance Show - Riesa (Germany)
•2007: Dance Jazz - New York (USA)  Contemporary Dance - New York (USA)
•2006: Performing Arts - Hollywood (USA)
 Modern Dance - Moscow (Russia)
•2005: Dance Jazz - Orlando (USA)
European Champion
•2007: Contemporary Dance - Rijeka (Croatia)  Dance Jazz - Rijeka (Croatia)
•2006: Modern Dance - Moscow (Russia)
Other competitions
•USA : more than 100 titles in the US (Showbiz, Showstopper, Starpower, Footloose, Star System 
•Europe : more than 10 titles in Europe (Dance Show Russia opening, Int. Grand Prix de dance Suisse etc). SYTYCD Greece Top 10.
Work Experience
•2018: Danskin - Brand Amassador (Shanghai, 
•2014-18: Mercedes Benz, Audi, VW, Bentley, 
Adidas, Huawei, Pandora (and many more brands across industries) - dancer, performer & choreographer (Shanghai, China)
•2013: SYTYCD China choreographer (Shanghai, 
•2013: Shanghai opera house -  jazz and contemporary choreographer and teacher •2011/12: Kjara’s Dance Project - ballet and contemporary dancer (Slovenia) •2011: Edward Clug - dance performer (Slovenia)
•2008: World Dance Concert - performer (Tokyo, 

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