Stefano Sellati (IT)

Trained in Italy/USA.

Soloist Dancer and later as Principal Dancer with various artists such as:

Renato Zero, Raffaella Carrà, Loretta Goggi, Donatella Rettore, Jonny Dorelli, Bice Valori, Paolo Panelli, Stefania Rotolo, Sandro Massimini, Asha Puthli, Cher, Franco Zeffirelli etc…

Worked with Choreographers:

Gino Landi, Enzo Paolo Turchi, Tony Ventura, Umberto Pergola, Don Lurio, Franco Estil etc…

Performed in various world tours in Argentina, Spain, Greece, Germany, Chile, Yugoslavia, Turkey, France, Mexico

Theater Work:

Garinei e Giovanni in various Musicals – Sistina Theatre (Rome), Rossetti Theatre and Verdi Theatre (Trieste)

National Television Credits:

Rai 1, Rai 2 (Italy), TVE1 (Spain)

Artistic Director of “Mondial Dance” Rome Italy, and home company, “AMDance Company.” Director/Producer of the theatre, “Teatrototò” di Roma.

Italian Show Girls trained/created by Stefano:

Lorella Cuccarini, Emanuela Panatta, Barbara Livi, Emy Bergamo, Valentina Sulli, Monica Cetti and more…

Produced/staged/written numerous shows, including original musicals.

Organizer/Jury/President of the WBA World Ballet Associazion and the World Dance Championship and created a joint venture with Manatthan Dance Project of USA and the CB Dance Conservatory of Arizona.

Master class teacher and guest choreographer in Spain, Bulgaria, Russia, Macedonia, nex calls: China, Mexico, Poland, America, etc..


Individual Choreography:


Dove (Ou’) – Non chiamarmi (Do Not Call Me) – Sto tornando a casa (Going Home) – Gelosia (Gelosy) – Spiaggia (Beach) – Burloni – Un buon inizio (Good Intent) – Habanera – Zaphyr – Harlem – Querer - Idee Confuse (Ideas Confused) – Me My Self And I – Possession (Chandelier) – La mia Vita (My Life)


Video Producer/Direction/Choreography: The Rivati “Funky Napoletano”

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