Erik Bukovnik (SI)

Dancer, Choreographer, Creative Director and CEO of SELECTED.

Erik's main field of expertise is commercial street style, hip-hop and jazz dance. As a dancer, he achieved numerous titles at national and international competitions and was awarded a special recognition by the Olympic committee of Slovenia, as a solo artist. Slowly he redirected himself in choreography and teaching. For his work as a dance teacher, he received an award from the Dance Association of Slovenia in the year 2007. As a choreographer he had the opportunity to work for various domestic and international artist, fashions shows (ATP 2017 - Matija Vuica & ELFS, Citypark Fashion Show 2017, Zigman 2013,...), TV commercials (GoAhead, Fiat Panda, Vzajemna, I feel Slovenia,...) and various TV shows (Je Bella Cesta, Zadetek v Petek, EMA, Misija Evrovizija, ...).Erik also established the first talent agency for dancers in Slovenia, called SELECTED. He just finished working as an assistant choreographer for the TV show Your Face Sounds Familiar and is going to be assisting choreographer at the Slovenian version of the TV show Strictly Come Dancing 2018.
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