DanceStar Austria Qualifier
Schwechat, Austria

DanceStar Austria Qualifiers are part of the DanceStar World Qualifiers Series where dancers can qualify for DanceStar World Finals. Any DanceStar Qualifier is open to all amateur and professional dancers. Any dance school, academy, crew or individual has the right to participate at a DanceStar Qualifier.

We will pubish all the important information about the Qualifier shortly.

Event and Location information

Schwechat is situated in northeastern Austria. It lies on the west bank of the Danube River near the mouth of the Schwechat River, just southeast of Vienna.

Schwechat was the site of a Roman camp; it was first mentioned in the 11th century and was granted market rights in 1624. It was a district of Vienna from 1938 until it was returned to the Bundesland (federal state) of Niederösterreich in 1954.

The city is known for the Schwechater beer of Schwechat brewery, which is well known as a brand and also an important industrial centre with a major oil refinery, chemical industries, and flour mills.
Schwechat is Austria’s major international airport located just outside the town, 20 km from Vienna city centre.

Schwechat Qualifier

Venue name: Multiversum Schwechat

Address: Möhringgasse 2-4, 2320 SCHWECHAT

Phone: +431701 07-0
     Regular price   Students/Children
one day €15 €8
two days €25 €13
three days €35 €18

STAGE ENTRANCE: Dancers go on stage from the right side of the stage, exit to the left. Sides of the stage are determined by spectators view from the audience.

How to get there?

We are delighted to invite you to Schwechat.
If you have any difficulty please feel free to contact us.


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